Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Makeup Junkie

Every little girl grows up playing with her mother's makeup, wishing that someday we get to wear the big gal's lipstick too.

And when we finally get to wear however much makeup we want, some of us just can't wait to get out of it.

Well, for me, anyway.

When I started working, one of the thing I dreaded doing everyday was putting on my makeup. I'd often trade looking fabulous (plus breakfast) for that extra 5-10 minutes in bed.

Makeup had become such a chore that it just wasn't fun anymore. I find myself breathing a sigh of relief on my off days, simply for the fact that my skin feels like it can finally breath freely.

Now that I'm back in Malaysia, I'm more than happy to parade around the town with a bare face on most days. Unlike Melbourne where almost every girl dresses to kill in the city, here I don't have to be constantly self conscious and worry about looking like a complete train wreck without any makeup on even when I'm just doing my grocery shopping.

With this heat and humidity, my skin just feels suffocated whenever there is any product on it. And I trust any local gal with oily/combination skin to tell me that no matter how good the quality is, makeup will melt/smudge/smear to a certain degree in this crazy weather.

So I'm really most comfortable not wearing any makeup at all when I don't have to. Which is precisely the reason I left almost my entire makeup collection in Melbourne, thinking that I won't be needing them much.

And I don't, I really don't. On some days, I step out of the door without so much as a lip gloss on, and I haven't touched my eyelash curler in more than 2 weeks.

Then why is it that I can't stop thinking about buying more and more makeups?!

And this is after I vowed (multiple times, might I add) to never again hoard up unnecessary beauty products I don't use.

It's no wonder they say men are hunters and women are collectors.

Somebody please explain to me why do we girls need hundreds of eyeshadow and lip colours when we only have two eyes and one mouth?

It's an addiction, I'm telling ya.

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the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Why huney I am one of those girls that have 7 mascaras, 9 eyeliners and 24 shades of lipsticks.

Variety is the spice of life afterall. And I really do enjoy playing with makeup. It's fun!

Doreen said...

I too don't wear much make-up but couldn't live without my lipgloss. It is an addiction, and I was as addicted as you previously. Finally one day, I got really sick of spending $$ on all these cosmetics that I can never finish using it, and I just stopped! I still like to visit the cosmetics department though.

You need more shades so you can match the colours of your outfit and also your mood.

emotionalistic said...

Though I have so many lip colors and eyeshadows, I always use the same old one every time i put on my make up :P. But I feel safe knowing i got a variety to choose from :).

iamthewitch said...

I don't like wearing make up too! Luckily being an engineer does not require makeup at all. :P However, I still think having a basic set is important for the formal functions or dinners. :) Thank goodness I am not the type who would spend on cosmetics! I get them as gifts... LOL

cbenc12 said...

hahahah i hate makeup too and i am really awful at it.. i mean i cant even really covered the acne scars that i had wif concealer... and i hate how foundation makes my face feels after a couple of hours wif m'sian hot weather..ewww..

MisSmall said...

The Constantly Dramatic One: It's one thing about owning a full drawer of makeup but actually uses them, it's a totally different thing if you just keep on buying different products only to throw them out in the end. I'm the latter. :/

Doreen: I wonder if it's a phase that all girls go through. If so, maybe I'll eventually snap outta it as well. I just need to get rid of this bad habit of collecting and hoarding up things I don't need or use. :/

Emotionalistic: Omg I'm the same! I keep on going back to the same shades regardless of how many other colours I have! I'm just a total sucker for cute packaging and new products/colours, so I can never resist buying more and more products knowing clearly that I might not use them at all. :/

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: Lucky you! I don't think I've ever gotten cosmetics as gifts. Maybe people know that I'll just end up tossing them into my drawer and never touch them again. Lol.

Cbenc12: I only hate makeup in hot and humid weather. In Australia, I feel like an ugly cow whenever I don't have anything on my face. :P