Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feel Good Tricks

So I've been feeling real blah lately.

I have no reason to, but I feel like crap. Someone please slap me!

I think I need some pick-me-up's.

What is the one thing that always manages to cheer you up and lift your spirit?

Pray do share. Or just bitchslap me outta my sorry self. :/

12 left a petal:

emotionalistic said...

If you're too lazy to go out, probably you could read your favorite book at home and listen to some good music at the same time :). Or else, I would recommend you to visit the bookstore. I always visit the bookstore when I need to cheer up my mood. Try to find something enjoyable to do. Hope that helps :).

Tine said...

Maybe try some retail therapy? Always seems to cheer me up :D

Hope you get out of this funk soon :)

fuzkittie said...

How about watch some SATC? Haha.

prettybeautiful said...

tht always happens to me at work! feel lazy and unmotivated, and life has no meaning. but usually i will get ok after some drinks or nights out with friends :D

iamthewitch said...

Go to the spa! :)

sab said...

ooohhh! ice cream usually works...

or a new hobby.. sports.. going to the gym maybe?

shopping too!

seriously though, i hope you feel loads better soon! lemme know what works!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Okay, this is the moment in time in which I reveal my totally nerdy side (in which it will make me totally less ossum in your mind).......why dont you try reading? I dunno whether you are a reader but whenever I'm down in the dumps I always make a point to read.

Reading is a form of escapism, and when everything else feels like crap just escape to another world you know. And once you start reading you'll be focusing on whatever great adventure thats goin on within the pages of that book and pretty soon you'll feel better again.

Well, thats what I always do when I feel like crap.

And now if you excuse me, I'm going back to being ossum. Ahem

Doreen said...

Thinking that you are alive, blissfully married to the one you love and living a pretty good life. Also, got get yourself a big plate of desserts!

cbenc12 said...

a good comedy movie that makes me laugh.. or series so i can indulge a few hours into other ppl's life..
or if i can find a friend that always make me laugh.. call her or hav a meal wif her..
hope u'll lighten up, dear!

Anonymous said...

Hi there - just wondering if the blahness is caused by the possibility of you being pregnant ;) ?

Ann said...

Go to a spa, get a facial, massage, and reflexology (if you like reflexology - some people can't tolerate) ~ THEN, spoil yourself by buying some things to treat yourself. What's on your wishlist? Get them!

Or simply go out to a park, get some fresh air. Lie down and feel the sun on your face (with sunscreen, of course) while listening to music. That should help a bit.

MisSmall said...

Thanks so much, darlings, for all the suggestions and kind wishes. They're very much appreciated, and I thank you all.

I'm trying to snap out of this rut I'm in and learn to appreciate the things/people in my life more, instead of focusing on the negatives. Wish me luck. :)

And no, I'm NOT pregnant.