Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bargain Haul: Hush Puppies Shoes

Behold, ladies (and gentlemen?), I now brand myself a fast and cheap shopper!

On the way to lunch at Gardens, I dropped by Robinsons for a brief 15 minutes and came home with three little pair of Puppies.

Hush Puppies, that is. *Grins*

Still phasing in and out of my sluggish mode, I wasn't really in the mood to shop. But I need some comfy casual shoes (okay, not really, but it's reason enough, yes?), and these were dirt cheap!

Let's start with the most boring pair, the black ladies dress body shoes.

They are nothing exciting and definitely not very "me", but the lightly padded footbed and 2" kitten heels are very comfortable. I figured I might as well stock up on black dress shoes for work since I pretty much go through a new pair every 2-3 months. They just get worn out so quickly because of all the walking and standing all day.

And believe me, you'll start resenting even a pair of Manolos when your feet are on fire from long hours of standing. Comfort is the key, baby!

Next up, the white peep-toe slingbacks with silver hardware.

Okay, I only bought these because Bee thought they matched the ivory dress I was wearing. Normally I'm terrified of white shoes because I can never keep them clean, and they just look awful in a pitiful way once there are scratches and stains on them.

But when I took this white pair of slingbacks outta the box and slipped them on at home, I started to really like them. They're actually very pretty, and compliment light coloured dresses really well by adding that extra touch of girliness. The heel is a mere 2 1/2 inches, so they're fairly easy on the feet too.

Last but not least, the tan pointy pumps.

I'm a big fan of tan leather. There is just this versatility about it that I absolutely love! Tan leather boots, tan leather bags, tan leather belts, and now, tan leather pumps.

With a modest heel of 3 inches, these are the perfect casual heels for weekends when you just wanna step out in a simple fitted tee and skinny jeans.

Now let's take another look at my new Puppies

You like?

15 left a petal:

fuzkittie said...

The slingbacks are sooo pretty!! But I hate how the straps on the slingbacks get worn over time and lose elasticity and becomes too loose to hang on to your ankle!

Josephine said...

You made make feel like I also want to get at least a pair for myself. I do not have any pumps. I wear slippers to work one.

oh ya! I have passed you Butterfly award. Please accept it. Read it from my blog. Thanks!

cbenc12 said...

i like de slingback too... :D nice shoes =)

have a nice day, misSmall..

emotionalistic said...

3 pairs of shoes in 1 day? Bravo, gal :D.

iamthewitch said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I could never wear heels though because of my height, but they're so pretty! Especially the white pair. Were they really dirt cheap? How much did they cost?

prettybeautiful said...

the damage? :P

Che-Cheh said...

I like everyone of them. :D

Doreen said...

I like the white slingback! Pretty and I think it suits you very well too.

sab said...

look at all the shoes!

they're soooo lovely!

i want!

sesame said...

Ooooh nice...I like the white one most. I can't wear shoes with a toe box for long. Hurts very badly! Those pointies are okay as long as there isn't a back.

Lila said...

Very nice! I think you have very good taste. =)

LD said...

i love HP too :)

keeyit said...

Wah.. you bought so many pairs of shoes.. Prepare for working? Got sales meh?

I like the black color one. If you wear the black pants with this black shoes, you will definitely look professional.

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: I know exactly what you mean, gal. But with these white heels and my clumsy self, I have a feeling that the white leather is gonna get all worn out and scratched up before the straps becomes loose. Haha.

Josephine: Thanks so much for the award, hun. That's so sweet! I really appreciate it. Thanks again! :)

Cbenc12: Seems like the white pair is the clear favourite of my readers. Good day to you too, missy. :)

Emotionalistic: Nope, 3 pair of shoes in 15 minutes. Now THAT is bravo! :P

Iamthewitch: Oh don't be silly! Any gal can wear heels, regardless of height. I have a friend who's close to 175cm and she looks gorgeous in heels! But of course, it has to be something that you're comfortable with though.

The shoes were on sale for RM80-RM100 a pair. Isn't that a bargain?! :D

Prettybeautiful: RM260, if I remember correctly. Definitely less than RM300. :)

MisSmall said...

Che-Cheh: Then we share similar taste. *Winks*

Doreen: Aww, thanks babe! You're always so sweet. :)

Sab: Time for you to plan a shopping trip, gal! :P

Sesame: I used to be like that too, but it all just takes a little getting used to. Now I actually feel most comfortable in pumps. :)

Lila: Aww, shucks! You flatterer! :D

Ld: I'm actually not normally a Hush Puppies fan, but the price was too cheap to resist. :)

Keeyit: It was Robinsons' 1st Anniversary Sale. You're the first to actually like the black pair. Personally I think black dress shoes should work for most colours in a work wardrobe, doesn't have to be black on black. :)