Friday, October 31, 2008

Updates in A Nutshell

  • We have a few dinners to attend this week, and I've been busy scouting for evening dresses at the last minute, hence the lack of updates.
  • My gastro-reflux isn't getting any better, I'm considering doing a test for Helicobacter Pylori. How exciting! :|
  • For the first time in my life, I watched a movie all by myself on Tuesday. It felt a little odd, but not as bad as I imagined it to be. I still can't eat out alone though.
  • I've been drinking Berocca every morning to boost energy. But for some weird reasons, it makes me extra tired and sleepy that I often doze off not long after I down the orangey fizzy drink. :/
  • Bee and I had a HUGE fight during the week. I locked him out of our room for the whole night.
  • I'm too lazy to drag my butt outta the door, yet I have this constant urge to shop. My indigestion is really bad, yet my body craves for food like a bottomless pit. Clearly, I have issues.
  • My parents will be in town for a surprise visit. They're arriving tomorrow, so we'll be busy taking them around next week.
  • I've been watching way too much America's Next Top Model and The Rachel Zoe Project that I'm starting to consider a career in fashion. Anyone needs a stylist? Haha.

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Doreen said...

Wow, what a busy week ahead. Wish my life is as busy as yours, then at least I don't feel so wasted. Hahaha. May be you can consider to be a model? Hehehe Take care gal.

emotionalistic said...

I have no problem eating alone but I got problem watching movie alone :P. Have a nice weekend with your family :).

Che-Cheh said...

I had gastro-reflux too. It's a lotta better now. When I had that I eat little bit each time. So in 1 day I have like 6-8 meals. Hahaha

I also take some gastric pills.

Doc said don't eat stuff like pasta, cheese, banana...stuff that can make you bloat.

I've still no idea why I had this. Maybe it's gastric + stress.

cbenc12 said...

hope u n bee r ok again! u can work everything out if u love each other =)

happy week for u and ur parents!

xin said...

bz week indeed. i can eat out and shop alone :D but never movie alone before too. hope that u n bee are ok now, think of how sweet he has been to u. the m&ms...the toast..awww

Josephine said...

U so GENG. Locked him outside for one night. If I do that. I think he will break the door lor...
Yea, same here, I cant eat alone, and that's y i am skipping breakfast and dinners.

iamthewitch said...

I would like to try watching movie alone too! :)

sdovelly said...

i haven't come to the extent of locking up but tried not talk for more than 48hrs and man...that was quite an unbearable situation.

the Constantly Dramatic One said... changed your layout =D

MisSmall said...

Doreen: I need to grow another 2 feet before I could qualify as a model, darl. Haha.

Emotionalistic: Yeah? I have no problem eating at home alone, but I feel extremely uneasy eating out by myself. :/

Che-Cheh: I used to get reflux whenever I was stressed too, but it usually went away after a short course of meds and yeah, smaller and more frequent meals. But it's lasted longer than usual this time, that's why I got a little worried. Hope yours is completely gone now. :)

Cbenc12: Thanks, gal. :)

Xin: I used to be able to shop alone too, but for some reason, it's started to feel real awkward and much less fun these days. *Shrugs* Maybe it's a sign of me getting old and craving for company now. Haha.

MisSmall said...

Josephine: So you only have lunch? Oh gal, that's no good. Why don't you buy takeaways so you can have them at home while you're watching TV or something? That's what I did when I was staying by myself and living on takeouts. :D
Oh, he did try to pick the lock. Alas, to no success. *Evil laughs*

Iamthewitch: You should. At least once. :)

Sdovelly: Tell me about it! I guess it got too unbearable not talking to each other while being in the same room, so I locked him out instead. Haha.

The Constantly Dramatic One: I did I did. You like? :D