Monday, September 08, 2008

Spring Resolution 2 - Fix Me Bones (Part Deux)

So I kept my appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon today, and the verdict is in.

I have a mild disc desiccation, without disc narrowing, at my L4/L5.

My doctor believes that it's due to trauma; and all the other things, e.g. me being on my feet for long hours, my bad posture, and my love for high heels, just aggravated it.

The only time I can remember myself falling on my back is when I slipped in Bee's place 4 years ago because of the water leaking from the huge bouquet of 100 red roses he gave me for our 6th "monthiversary". So I guess my desiccated disc is a reminder of how romantic he used to be huh? Haha.

For the time being, the doctor recommended physiotherapy or back-strengthening exercise to build my non-existent back muscles, which will then help to provide more support for the spine and prevent worsening of my back discomfort. But he also honestly admitted that the standard of physiotherapy in Malaysia is still sub-par, and therefore he wouldn't put his name on it.

Should my lower back pain become too bothersome, he recommended a minimally invasive spine procedure called nucleoplasty.

In other words, I either have to start practising yoga, or have a needle inserted into my disc.

Great. :/

On a side note, I just realised it's been exactly a month since our ROM. So Happy 1st Wedding-Monthiversary, baby!

Here's hoping that there will be more roses in the future, and less falling on my back. :P