Friday, September 19, 2008

New Vampy Nails

For years, I've been the old fashioned French manicure gal. Still am, actually.

And when I do have colours on my nails, they're usually pastel colours. Pink, mostly.

But I totally caved in to the whole dark nails hype, namely Chanel's Black Satin of 2007 and Blue Satin of 2008.

The only problem is, I couldn't wear them whenever I'm working.

Now that I'm not working, I guess I'm entitled to be a little more adventurous with my nail colours.

Check out my new vampire nails, as Bee calls them.

It's a deep, blackened burgundy red with a plum tone, and no brown. I couldn't get the right colours to show up on my stupid camera, but it's much darker in real life.

The manicurist couldn't find a nail polish that matches what I had in mind, so she mixed two different shades together in order to get this colour. And I love it!

I used to think that only older women wear deep wine red, but I realised the key to wear the colour right is to have more black tones, and less of the red.

Take it from me, ladies, my new vampy red nails are making me feel extra sexy and feminine, with a hint of "dangerous" rebel. Haha.

Try it, and tell me if it does the same to you. *Winks*

12 left a petal:

cc said...

Oh I LOVE it! Love Chanel nail polish too! I have a bottle called shanghai red. Very similar to yours, just a little lighter. I mostly wear it on my toes, make me feel sexy! Yea babe!

fuzkittie said...

Very pretty~ Yes darker nails make me feel baad! Haha.

Tine said...

Oooh I love dark and vampy nails. I can't wear polish on my fingernails as I'm far too clumsy and get chips the minute they're dry. But at least I get to wear them on my toes :p

Yay to vampy nails! :)

Pink Cotton said...

wow i love ur nails...they are so nicely shaped! :P

cbenc12 said...

i still prefer lighter colors on my fingernails as when it chips it would be very obvious if using dark color.
however i love dark colors on my toenails. now i am also having deep red wine on my toes and it think they looks fabulous! :D

n y cant u wear dark color on ur nails when u r working?

prettybeautiful said...

me love vampy nails! looks sexy and unpredictable. btw, so nice to have manicurist so it for u, can have nice shape of nails and all buffed nicely

foongpc said...

Nice and sexy! : )
Btw, do drop by my blog today. Your name is mentioned in my post : )

Ann said...

That shade is fantastic! And I agree about the part you said to wear burgundy fashionably, more of the dark/black than red. It's really edgy and rebellious. Btw, OMG... nice nails, I almost fainted when I saw them. Mine can never be that nice.

sdovelly said...

wooh! nice one! do handle with care...hehe..

Doreen said...

That's a very nice colour gal! I haven't try out Chanel nail polish, in fact I don't think I own any Chanel products at all though I have been drooling over their 2.55 for a long time. LOL

MisSmall said...

Cc: Ooo...Shanghai Red is a very feminine red. You go gal! :D
I also love Chanel's Rouge Noir.

Fuzkittie: Indeed indeed! Sometimes a gal just needs to feel a little naughty ey? lol

Tine: Me too! But then I realised that it happens with some nail saloons, but not others. It has a lot to do with the techniques and products used.
A good base and top coat makes a HUGE difference, and of course, the staying power of the nail polish itself. It's been a week since I got these done and they haven't chipped much at all!

Pink Cotton: Oh I can't take credit for that, sweetie. The manicurist did a really good job with them. :)

Cbenc12: I'm in healthcare. We're rigid people with rigid dress codes. Or maybe it's just me. I can be a rather rigid and uptight bitch when I'm at work. Haha.

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: That depends. I once had a manicurist who was so rough that she made my cuticles bleed! :(
I envy gals like you who can paint their own nails and do cute nail arts. I seriously lack patience and creativity in that department. Haha.

Foongpc: Hey, I just saw your post. Thanks for mentioning me. :)

Ann: Awww you flatterer you! And I didn't even have to show you my toe nails too. *Batters eyelashes* LOL

Sdovelly: Oh I'm as clumsy as they come, but surprisingly, the nail colour hasn't chipped much this time round. The manicurist must have done something right. :)

Doreen: Me too!! There's gonna be ANOTHER 20-30% price increase with Chanel later in the year. I'm now kicking myself for not getting the Chanel 2.55 I've been eyeing on before I left Melbourne so I could claim the 10% GST rebate. Sigh!