Sunday, September 21, 2008

Snack Attack

I go through weird food phases, during which I have constant craving for a certain food and I'll keep eating it over and over again until I move on to the next phase.

Bee's amazed at my ability to eat the same thing everyday and not get sick of them.

The behaviour is actually very in line with my obsessive compulsive personality, if you think about it. :P

Last week, I couldn't stop thinking about char kuey teow and fried bee hoon (Singapore noodles). I kept on bugging Bee to buy them for me despite his well-meaning nagging about how unhealthy they are.

But this weekend, it's all about chocolatey snacks! (Yes, there is nagging about them too.)

Let's stick our heads into my pantry and see what I've been nibbling on.

Cakes from Secret Recipe

Chocolate and banana cake (My favourite from Secret Recipe)

Chocolate walnut brownie

Loacker Quadratini - Napolitaner

All hazelnut fans have to try these crispy wafer squares with rich filling!

I didn't like this one bit

My current favourite - Oreo Wafer Bites

Dark chocolate pecan cookies by Pepperidge Farm

And of course, the good ol' Famous Amos cookies

Freshly baked chocolate chip and pecan cookies
(Ready packed ones never taste as good.)

Now, what have you been munching on?

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Lucifer said...

haha! this post reminds me, although im not the Obsessive and compulsive type.... my first month here in Malaysia i got hooked to the Tom Yam sea food noodles, had it for lunch for a whole month... the next month was Chee chong fun.. ;) haha

emotionalistic said...

I'm still not over my sickness for chocolates yet -_-.

elvawenn said...

Mentos. Those are seriously addictive!

Mmm... but your Famous Amos cookies look better. *snatches some and runs away*

iamthewitch said...

Oh but you must try the Muzic Hazelnut or Chocolate flavour (Purple or Red packages respectively). I haven't tried the one that you've bought (vanilla) but I think it won't be nice. But please, you HAVE to try the hazelnut or chocolate ones! I promise you, you'll be hooked!! Those were my comfort food especially in times of stressful exam periods! :)

Josephine said...

Eat Eat Eat!
I like to eat too!
But I like healthy foods like fruits, veggies....

Chocolate ar, too sweet for me... not my cup of tea...

Doreen said...

I fall in love with Secret Recipe during my trip back home earlier this year. Their cakes melt my heart! I am constantly craving for their cakes :(

cbenc12 said...

wah tahts a lot of choc stuffs! :D

sab said...

oh wow! you are making me hungry! i love sweets! :)

Irene said...

helo there ;) Found your blog from elvawenn's and cbenc12's. In respond to your JPN post, I would say they are the best gov department in M'sia. Not like I have the experience but I seldom hearpeople complain about their working attitude and so on. I guess it's because they have to make the newly-wed happy, who wants to be annoyed on their wedding day right? Try mess with people big day and you will be doomed? *LOL*

LD said...

don't worry, you're not weird. you're perfectly normal...

normal because i go through the same phase as well :D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Arrggghhh!! Why woman why must you test me during this Fasting month?!




cc said...

I have a very obsessive compulsive personality and I can eat the same thing over and over again too! LOL Have been munching cheesers for the past few days! Cheese attack!

MisSmall said...

Lucifer: If you can eat the same thing for lunch for A WHOLE MONTH, you, my friend, have some sort of obsessive compulsive personality in my book. :D

Emotionalistic: Haha. So it lasts longer than expected huh?

Elvawenn: They don't just "look" better, they taste pretty damn good too! *Happily munches away* Hehe.

Iamthewitch: Haha. Alrighty, I'll grab some when I'm at the store next time. But only because you said so. :P

MisSmall said...

Josephine: Lucky you! I wish I like veggies and fruits too, but I think I'm programmed to only crave for unhealthy junk food. Bummer! :/

Doreen: Did you try their chocolate and banana cake? I think I can eat the whole cake by myself if no one stops me. :D

Cbenc12: Oh you ain't seeing nothing yet, sista! You should see my secret junk food stash in Melb. Haha.

Sab: We girls can never get enough sweets and desserts, can we? :)

MisSmall said...

Irene: Hey, welcome! :D
I think the JPN staff really do take their jobs seriously. I was especially impressed by how cheerful they are at work, instead of being all grumpy and impatient. And I totally didn't expect that email! That was such a pleasant surprise. :)

Ld: Or maybe we're just both weird huh? :P

The Constantly Dramatic One: Because I can, uh huh! Uh huh! *Chews loudly*
(I'm pretty sure what I just did is illegal? Joking saja yah? Haha.)

Cc: Oh yes, a fellow OCP! And we're proud to be, yes? :D *Group hugs*