Monday, September 15, 2008

PayPal Sucks!

I have a bone to pick with PayPayl.

I don't use my PayPal very often. It's only a "just in case" option.

Recently, I used it to transfer the payment for my BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream.

Nearly 2 weeks later, PayPal sent me an email notifying me that I have been "randomly selected" as part of their security measures and they have reasons to believe that my account was accessed by a third party.

Meaning, I only had limited access to my PayPal account, and the fund was put on a temporary hold.

After going through all the mumbo jumbo of faxing documents to Sydney (mine is linked to my accounts in Australia) and confirming my identity, they've restored my account, but still not releasing the fund to seller.

That payment was transferred TWO weeks ago (and was debited from my account almost immediately, might I add), why the hell are they holding it now?!

So it's just sheer bad luck that the one time I use PayPal in a long long time, I was "randomly selected"?

Well, there's gotta be a more plausible explanation than that, pal!

If that wasn't frustrating enough, Bee and I locked ourselves out of our room yesterday.

Everything was locked in the master bedroom, including the spare keys! We didn't even have the car keys, the keys of the front door or remote for the auto gate with us.

We were stranded, in our own house!

Luckily Bee's dad has a set of our house keys, and he came to our rescue first thing in the morning.

That's not all. Things come in threes, they say.

Sitemeter implemented a new outlook over the weekend. Everything changed and the new site sucks BIG time!

I can't, for the life in me, figure out why would people take something that works perfectly fine and turn it into an useless piece of crap?! While we're on this topic, I might as well add that I absolutely HATE the new Facebook.

I ditched Sitemeter and signed up for StatCounter, but I'm not exactly thrilled with it either because it keeps on reverting my settings to ignore my own visits and I can't figure out why.

What a great start to a new week huh? Ugh!

Edit: Sitemeter has decided to roll back to the classic version, just 24 hours after launching their new site. I've put the counter back on because I still can't figure out how to ignore my own visits with StatCounter.

It works fine now, but it's still a little funny and somehow feels different than before. *Sighs* I wish they had never changed it. Things will just never be the same anymore once you do.

Sitemeter should be applauded for their willingness to promptly recognise and respond to negative feedbacks. But next time, maybe it's a good idea to think it through before pulling such a stunt again huh?

PayPal, is another story.

I emailed their customer service to inquire what exactly was the "third party activity" all about, and to stress that the recent payment is a legitimate transaction that I've authorised so they should release the money to seller.

I received a totally irrelevant reply, and then nothing.

It's been another week now, and the payment is still "being reviewed".

This is dodgy business, and I'm not happy, PayPal!


3 left a petal:

prettybeautiful said...

i have been using paypal for abt 2 years and nv had such problems...poor thing

Doreen said...

Guess you were just bad luck. Nevermind, it could have been worst right?

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: Hmm, maybe it was just sheer bad luck. But I'm really angry that even after I've done everything they asked for, they're still not forwarding the payment to the seller. :|

Doreen: Yeah, I guess so. It was just so frustrating that things kept on going off track consecutively. But you're right, it could have been worst, so I really shouldn't whinged too much. :D