Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tacos! Delicioso!

I whinged about not able to find taco shells sometime ago.

And I found it!

I was super excited that I just had to have it right away.

So tonight, we had tacos as dinner at home.

Ready made and fresh ingredients, minimal cooking and washing. Now that's my kind of cooking.

In case you haven't noticed already, kitchen is not exactly my scene. *Grins*

Oh I love Mexican food and sour cream! Perfecto!

The only thing is, the Rositas taco shells had a really strong "oily" smell. Kinda like stinky old cooking oil? And it kinda make you feel "bleurgh" after a while.

So if you know of any brand of yummy non-smelly taco shells that is available in Malaysia, be sure to let me know. :)

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Ms Wedding Fluff said...

Could it be because taco shells are not popular here and the stock you picked up was old? Sometimes old stuff tend to have that oily smell.

Doreen said...

Doesn't sound like a fresh tacos. Did you check the expiry date? May be Malaysia's weather too hot and humid.

LD said...

yeah, i love mexicana as well :)

Ann said...


Kitchen is not your scene?

*high fives*


MisSmall said...

Ms Wedding Fluff: Yeah, that possibility crossed my mind. Ugh! What's a gal gotta do to get some decent taco shells around here?!

Doreen: The expiry date is end of the year. But yeah, maybe the hot weather and lack of proper storage contributed to it. :(

Ld: Haha. Then go pick up a pack of Rositas taco shells from Coles and tell me if those in Oz has the same oily smell. It's Australian made afterall. :/

Ann: I drop and break more things in the kitchen than I can make, so yeah...*High fives* :D