Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Massimo Dutti Brown Leather Pumps

This is the only pair of shoes I bought throughout the whole month of Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival.

And I didn't even need to refrain myself.

My lower back pain has proven to be bad for my health, but pretty good for my wallet.

It is a delightful pair of brown almond-toe pumps from Massimo Dutti.

Nothing overly exciting, but I love the solid leather (I believe it's lizard's?) and versatile look.

The 3" heels are fairly easy on the feet, and the leather lining with a patch of suede sole on the ball of foot is very comfy.

A girl should always have a pair of well made brown closed-toe heels. They will go very well either with casual jeans on weekends, or with work wardrobe on weekdays.

A must-have wardrobe staple, dare I say.

The possibilities with a good ol' pair of leather pumps in earthy colours are endless. Black, brown and nude, they can easily be dressed up or down and will almost go with every outfit.

The best part is, they will never go out of style.

14 left a petal:

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Wow, those are awesome shoes. I mean I wont wear it, it's not dramatic enough but really those are awesome.

fuzkittie said...

Those look great, you're right they're incredibly versatile! :D

Pink Cotton said...

nice! :)

the carnival sale is evil i tell ya~ :P
and now there's hari raya sales already!

iamthewitch said...

Sigh... I envy people who can wear heels! I am so tall and have big feet that I can't find covered heels big enough for me! :( My toes always end up suffering if I force them to wear covered heels. *sob*

Josephine said...

You always get things that which are forever in my wishlist. I am so envy of you.

sab said...

i wanna go to Malaysia!!!

cbenc12 said...

hey i like ur new shoes.. how much is it? looks comfy n stylish!

Fashionasia said...

i envy ppl who can wear pumps!
my feet just can't take any pumps...i dont know why it just hurts. I need them to be either slingback or open toes.

prettybeautiful said...

wow the shoes are so elegant! i bet it goes well with skinny jeans. but i can never bring myself to wear heels like due to the pain of wearing it. all pumps are not for me as i have squarish feet. btw, do take care of your back :)

emotionalistic said...

I dont have a closed-toe heels. Maybe i should get one. It comes in handy when I am lazy to paint my toe nails :P.

Doreen said...

That is a very nice pair of shoes gal! Very demure and nice. Looks very comfy too.

MisSmall said...

The Constantly Dramatic One: Not dramatic enough? Then I think you're gonna like my cobalt blue and bright yellow patent pumps more. Those definitely make more of a statement than these boring brown ones. :D

Fuzkittie: Exactly! You can wear brown with almost every colour. Except maybe an all black outfit. Hmm.

Pink Cotton: I know! How can we ever stop shopping huh?

Iamthewitch: And I envy people who are tall! Without heels, I look like a hobbit next to Mr. T. :/

MisSmall said...

Josephine: Oh trust me, gal, my wish list is only getting longer by the day. We women can never be satisfied. The best pair of shoes, is always the next pair you're gonna buy. :D

Sab: Come now! The next sale is starting already! *Evil grins*

Cbenc12: The original price was RM529, and I got them for Rm200! Isn't that an absolute steal?

Fashionasia: Trust me, gal. You only have to find a really comfy pair to start with, and then you'll be hooked forever. :)

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: Again, find a really comfy pair, and you'll never look back. High heels do wonders to elongate our legs and create that illusion of perfect proportion of body. :)

Emotionalistic: You most definitely should! Most of my shoes are closed-toe these days that I feel weird having my toes exposed in sandal heels sometimes. Love flip-flops though. :D

Doreen: They're very comfy! I can go shopping in these and my feet don't get tired at all. My back is another story though. :P