Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Starting Off.....

I've had this in my mind for quite a while now. I wanted to start a blog, as a gift to Bee for our 21st-month-anniversary. (Childish, I know)

So I finally got around to doing it. And this is what I wrote in our goodnight sms tonight:

One major down side of long distance relationship is doubts. (Though I see it happening in real life too). An idle mind is the playground of devils, they say. But a mind that never rests is much worse. I'm often exhausted by these waves of emotions that eat away the better of me. I've had my fair share of it, I'm tired. I long to be somewhere where the water is calm and the mountains stand tall and proud, where there's no clouds in the sky and the sun is always shining. What we have is as close as it comes, but I begin to think that I may never get there. I'm sorry that I cant do better, but I'm so afraid of you hurting me. They say when you choose to love someone, you give them the power to hurt you. I often wonder where does this cruel game end. Of course, in my case it's often self-inflicted injury. (And I pray to God it stays that way). Goodnight now, bee. I love you too. Keep safe of my heart or return it in the mail. Seriously. :)