Thursday, April 12, 2007


I think I'm becoming a workaholic.

Knowing my obsessive compulsive personality, it's probably not surprising.

But I still don't want to wear that label, as a workaholic. So I console myself by thinking that it's only because Bee is not here with me.

Who, in the right mind, would want to work 7 days a week when you can spend time snuggling up to your cute boyfriend at home?


But I can't. That's why I work.

2 left a petal:

pure_evs said...

Consider yourself gifted! :) Whenever I have arguments with my hubby, I will turn to work. I actually find peace in work. I sometimes would rather be doing office work then housework (who wouldn't?)

MisSmall said...

Pure_evs: Point taken. I'll pick working over housework anytime! :)