Monday, November 05, 2007

A Little Warmth Coming My Way

It's my first day back to work, officially.

My head swelled to twice its size when I saw the mess left behind by the locums. And the phone has been going off like crazy sirens all morning.

I was seriously starting to feel like I'm being punished for having a holiday.

Then a regular patient, Mr Carr, dropped in. He brought me a bouquet of flowers to welcome me back.

10 long stem roses! Each of them nearly the size of my fist, and they are of a gorgeous peachy orange colour.

As he handed me the flowers, he kissed me on my cheeks and said, "I just wanted to come by to give you this to welcome you back, because you are absolutely special."

Aww, isn't he the cutest old man in the world?

Another old lady, Margaret, came in to give me a nicely wrapped present, which turned out to be a huge box of chocolates and a scarf.

She wrote in the card, "One for going away, one for coming back. I am glad you are back. Welcome."

It absolutely melted my heart.

I guess it's little things like this that keeps me going, and maybe that is the reason why I still can't just pack up and leave this job no matter how I hate it sometimes.

On some days, I actually feel like I do make a difference to some people's lives.

Suddenly this cold Monday in Melbourne is getting a little warmer.

P/S: Pardon the poor quality of pictures, blame it on my phone camera. :/