Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jimmy Choo Damon Slingbacks - Part Deux

Read Part 1.

You're not gonna believe this!

These beauties are currently on sale at 50% off on Jimmy Choo's website.

Now it only costs AU$480 a pop, as opposed to the original price of US$960.

What a bargain!

But (there's always a 'but'), the sapphire pair that I so wanted, is only available in size 41.5. I'll look like a little girl trying on mummy's shoes in them.

The black, however, is available in smaller sizes, like size 36, 38.5, and my size 35.5!

Personally, I think the black looks a lil dull and lacks the X factor that leaves you no choice but to reach for your plastic.

The sapphire, however, hits all the right buttons. Well, mine at least.

But it's Jimmy Choo and it's 50% off! Maybe I should just grab the black pair anyway.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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molly said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a great blog. Will return for more.

MisSmall said...

Molly: No worries, and thanks! It's funny how you compared D24 to Jimmy Choo. lol