Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One Fateful Night

"I had planned my life
To the last detail
With a story book romance to fill my days
But the funny thing about answered prayers
Is they come to you in unexpected ways"
~ Dana Glover (Plan on Forever)

Bee and I met on 14 January 2004, in the most unexpected way. Unexpected, in the sense that I never thought I would meet someone through the internet. To date, not many friends know exactly how we met, because we both think that it was too lame and do not have the guts to face the 'you-must-be-really-desperate-huh' look. (Bee is more than happy to tell people that he picked me up waiting in line to buy sushi in Jusco supermarket though. -_-)

Back to the story.

It was my summer holiday.

On my way back to Swan City, I stopped by Kuala Lumpur for a short shopping trip. Unfortunately (or fortunately, rather?), the friend whom I was staying with was having her exams. Therefore, she got her neighbour to entertain me.

One night, the neighbour took me out to meet up with his friend for supper. His friend was running late, so we had to wait for him in this cybercafe somewhere in Old Klang Road. (We must be the only two people in the cybercafe who weren't playing online games and swearing out loud every other second.)

To keep ourselves occupied while waiting, the neighbour and I logged on to MIRC. We were competing to see who gets more hits and he was trying to prove that, in cyberspace, he's a more attractive woman than I can ever hope to be.

Somewhere between one night stand invitations and lame pick up lines from random strangers in the chat room, a decent conversation started brewing when Bee clicked on me.
Our chat soon took on a life of its own. We were talking about absolutely nothing, yet suddenly the smell of cigarette smoke and the loud noises in the cafe no longer bothered me. I felt like a 17 year-old girl who is chatting online for the first time again.

Time flew by in no time. Before we knew it, it was wee hours and the neighbour was already having supper at a mamak store nearby with his friend because he couldn't wait any longer.

I told Bee I had to go. He politely asked for my email address and my name.

I was relieved.

If he had asked for my phone number, I would have blacklisted him right there and then. And because he didn't, I decided to serve my phone number on a silver platter. (Girls are weird creatures, I know.)

However, in my worthless effort to salvage my pride from voluntarily offering my number to a guy for the first time, I refused to reveal my name. (Again, girls are weird.)

So, that fateful night, Bee went to bed without knowing my name, and I slept at 7am not knowing that I had just met the leading man in my life.

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