Friday, February 09, 2007

Cute and Clueless

I've been having terrible skin for nearly a month now.

Breakouts, congestion, blocked pores, dullness, uneven skin tone. You name it, I've got it.

I blame it on stress and my unhealthy lifestyle.

My face is a warzone, and no amount of makeup can cover it up anymore. I'm in desperate need for a good facial.

That's when the following conversation took place.

Girlfriend Bee: Sweetie, have you seen my stack of name cards?

Boyfriend Bee: Um, no. What do you need?

Girlfriend Bee: The number for Leonard Drake. I need to make an appointment, STAT.

Boyfriend Bee: Why?

Girlfriend Bee: I need help with major skin problems!

Boyfriend Bee: Oh? *Leans in to study girlfriend bee's face*

Girlfriend Bee: *Screams and covers face* Don't look at my pimples!

Boyfriend Bee: But, you don't have any. *With a puzzled and sincere look on his face*


Yes, my boyfriend is cute when he's clueless like that.

2 left a petal:

freethinker said...

Very interesting blog indeed. I would call this the place I learned " Zsa Zsa Zsu "

MisSmall said...

Freethinker: Haha, thanks! Come back again, and see whether you get to learn more things. :P