Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Once Again

About 2 more weeks to go before I head back to Melbourne again, and I'm already feeling sad about leaving.

Sometimes this whole come-and-go thing gets a little tiring. I hate emotional roller coaster.

It always works like this - from the day I land, the clock starts ticking and counting down the days before I have to leave again.

It kinda sucks, if you asked me.

5 left a petal:

Jemima said...

Where are you now?

Back home for CNY?

Btw, Happy Piggy CNY. :p

MisSmall said...

Jemima: Happy CNY to you too~ :)

Yeah, I'm back in Malaysia for a short holiday. Was gonna make up the previous entries but I kept procrastinating (as usual). :P

Kampungkai said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy CHap Goh Meh! hope to hear from u soon....

Mischique said...

Hey gurl, I left the information you want about the shoes in the comments under the 'Shoe Issue' post :)

MisSmall said...

Kampungkai: Thanks! I'm back in Melbourne again, I need a lift home on your airbus! :P

Mischique: Oh, thanks darl! Too bad I'm not gonna be in Penang anytime soon, otherwise you'll definitely have to bring me there. :)