Monday, March 02, 2009

I Need Anger Management

If I were to stay in Malaysia for an extended period of time.

Like, seriously!

The incompetency and "tidak-apa" attitude is infuriating!!

Worst thing is, the whole frigging nation is practising it like a religion.

Every day, every corner you turn, every single little thing that you need to get done, something and someone is bound to piss you off with their lack-of-brain-cells syndrome and couldn't-give-a-damn attitude.

Even with the most straight forward task, something as simple as lifting a finger and pressing that "enter" button on the keyboard, you can expect some fucktard to screw up because that's how effing lazy and stupid they are.

And when that happens, all you get is "there is nothing we can do now". Not "we're sorry", not "we'll try to fix it", but "tak dapat buat apa-apa lah".

It's basically saying, "Yes, so we screwed up, but we don't know how (or can't be arsed) to fix it. So you just admit it's bad luck and take it lah."

Then they shrugged, and walked away, avoiding your angry stares.

End. Of. Story.

All you can do now is to suck it up like a pathetic loser and repeatedly curse that motherfucker in your head with all the foul words you can think of while he/she happily shakes their legs and enjoys a hot cup of kopi-o.

There is seriously nothing you can do. That's how fucked up it is!

And we're surprised why we're still a third world country? Really?

Yes I'm angry. Yes I'm bloody pissed off!

Because of some arsehole who can't freaking do his job, there's a high probability that I won't be able to finish my secret project before I head back to Melbourne.

All that fuckwit had to do was to press two buttons on his keyboard to upload the result of my theory test, which was already in the computer by the way, so I could be cleared to proceed to stage II on time. But noooooooo, the dumbass just had to screw that up and not tell anyone until I found out a frigging week later.

And that's a week too late for me to finish stage II on time, you arsehole!

So after I've gone through the trouble and done everything on my part to complete all requirements of stage I within a week, now I'm stuck to bear the consequences of his irresponsibility and retardness.

Great. That's just fucking great!

Oh yes, I've taken the matter to his superior. And then the superior of his superior.

Not only did they not have the courtesy to call you back like they promised you they would, they did not apologise, not once, for the mistake and inconveniences their incompetence had caused. Let alone offer any solution for the problem.

Can't really say I was surprised though. This is Malaysia, for God's sake!

There. Is. Nothing. You. Can. Do. About. It.

I'm SO frustrated and angry now that my hands are shaking involuntarily and my stomach feels like it had been flipped upside down. I'm so pissed off that I feel like scratching off someone's faces and then punch them in the head.

These are the times that I wish I had superpowers so I could sneak out at night and beat the crap outta those imbeciles. (See why I said I need anger management?)

But no, I don't have superpowers, so I'm just gonna sulk in my little corner like a real sucker.

And I leave you with this clip of my favourite scene from Adam Sandler's Anger Management. I hope it makes your day a better one than mine.

Later, peeps!

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Che-Cheh said...

Cool down dear.
This is the first time I see you're so angry.

Oh I just had something similar to you with one of the postal officer on Saturday. That lady is so lazy. Grrrrrrrrrr.

iamthewitch said...

Oh I have one such experience too, in fact just recently! I had a parcel delivered to me from the US, but it was an incomplete address, so the sender asked me to look out for it at the post office regularly, so that I could intercept the parcel before it was returned again. So I called up a week after the delivery, and almost every other day after that, to no avail. They always said they couldn't find my parcel, etc. Then today, (after 4 weeks) only they told me that the parcel has been returned to the sender 2 weeks ago! WTF! And all that time I was calling they said they couldn't find it. Now it's too late and it's being returned to the sender. Argghh

Doreen said...

This is exactly why I chose not to go back for good, and hope I could stay that way.

Calm down sweetie. Not worth giving out your anger for these stupid idots. Really not worth it. Come, make yourself a cup of earlgrey, put your feet up, close your eyes. Feeling better already?

foongpc said...

Wah! First time sound so angry! That's how it is here in Malaysia. I'm so used to it : )

Tine said...

Sadly, that's how it is in M'sia. And I think I know the tidak-apa came from what sort of people. Infuriates me everytime I have to deal with them.

Cool down cool down :)

xin said...

oh well, i have also experienced numerous stuff like these, but, seriously, this is msia. lol. i am also used to the sucky way it is

jam said...

Ya, that's Malaysia and Malaysians. I got used to it but sometimes when things really out of control, I tend to lose my temper like you, haha!

MisSmall said...

Che-Cheh: Haha. If you knew me better, you'd know that I'm actually a very angry person on a daily basis. :P

Iamthewitch: It pisses me off just by reading about your experience, gal! And that's the text book scenario we can expect to face in our daily lives here in Malaysia - even when we've done everything in our power to prevent such things from happening, somehow they still manage to screw up big time. And at the end of the day, they happily clock in at 5pm and go home, while we have to bear the consequences of their irresponsibility. Ugh!!!

MisSmall said...

Doreen: Earl grey ain't gonna do it this time round, hun. I need a big tub of ice cream, and a handful of tranquilisers! :|

Foongpc: That's what people keep telling me, "This is how it is in Malaysia, so just bear with it". And it's infuriating!

Tine: I've come to realise that all Malaysians share the same attitude these days, regardless of race and education background. I fear that it's soon becoming a national trait, since practically everyone thinks that it's acceptable to act and live this way.

MisSmall said...

Xin: That's the thing though, shouldn't we, as a nation, try to improve ourselves when we sense our shortcomings, instead of simply accepting and learning to live with them?

Jam: Those who don't strive for excellence are only heading backwards. And I'm afraid that's where our country is heading. :x