Friday, March 06, 2009

Mini Stay in Swan City

Just got back to Swan City this afternoon.

It's going to be a really short visit this time. I'm heading back to KL next Wednesday.

The flight home was awful. I was seated between an uncle who felt the need to narrate the whole trip to his friend across the aisle while he wasn't even in the window seat himself (e.g. "We're taking off.", "The plane is descending.", "I can see the roads and buildings now.", blah blah blah.), and a whale.

No, the "whale" wasn't huge, he's a young guy in his early 20's. I gave him the nickname because he kept making this weird noise with his nose throughout the whole 2-hour flight, which sounded like a whale's water spout? I have no idea why he did that, but it was really getting on my nerves after the first hour.

I was THIS close to asking him, "Excuse me, do you have a medical condition or a valid reason for making that noise? Because if you're just doing it for fun, then maybe you should know that it's really REALLY starting to annoy me!"

Pardon the meanness, I blame my crankiness on the lack of sleep last night and the subsequent mad rush to the airport. :|

Anyhoo, I've actually got more hauls to show you because, yes, I've been shopping again this past few days. *Grins* But I didn't have time (read: I was too lazy) to sort out the shopping bags and take pictures of my new lovelies before I left, so that's gotta wait till I get back to KL next week.

Speaking of which, does anyone else find taking, choosing, and editing pictures for your blog a tedious process?

Personally, I think it's a pain in the arse.

Maybe because I'm not as good at it, or that I'm just plain lazy (which really shouldn't surprise you anymore). Sometimes I need to take 10 pictures of the same thing just to get that one picture right! So more often than not, I get impatient and fed up half way through it that I just gave up.

Perfectionism + Laziness + Zero patience = A very B.A.D combo!

And that's precisely the reason why, as much as I love sharing all my shopping finds with you girlies, most of the time I just couldn't be bothered to because I hate taking pictures of them.

Then there's the concern of someone I know stumbling across my blog and recognise those items, and hence, the need to filter through what to show and what not to show. Again, pardon my paranoia, I'm a nut.

Okay dokes, I guess that's enough verbal diarrhea for one day. I'm off to take a much needed nap.

Happy weekend, everyone!

8 left a petal:

Lila said...

Have a nice stay and a good time with your family. Waiting to see more nice shopping hauls from you.:)

Doreen said...

Well, hope to see your loots soon. :)

emotionalistic said...

LOL. I dont edit my pictures because I'm lazy :P. But i love taking pictures though :).

sdovelly said...

last visit before going back to Melbourne? wish ya a great time back home...

MisSmall said...

Lila: There's no place like home. :)

Doreen: Will get on to that once I get back to KL. ^_^

Emotionalistic: I like to resize mine so it's easier to upload them. Sometimes I crop the image if there is too much blank space around it. But that's just about all the "editing" I know how to do. Haha.

Sdovelly: Thanks, hun. :)

renaye said...

u tolerated for 2 hours? my god. how did u do that?

i have seen people making weird noise by sucking the air through their lips throughout a meeting. damn bloody annoying when she was sitting beside me.

iamthewitch said...

Oh great! Shopping finds again! :) I JUST did some shopping myself! Bought a few tops and pair of short pants. I can't wait to see yours! ;)

MisSmall said...

Renaye: It wasn't only annoying, it was gross too! But the chicken shit in me didn't wanna be the crazy lady who caused a scene *rolls eyes*, so I kept it to myself. :|

I know EXACTLY what you mean! Don't these people know that their behaviour might bother others? Geez!

Iamthewitch: Retail therapy rocks huh? Haha. Show us your purchases, gal. I love reading about other people's hauls too! :D