Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Two Weeks

It's been exactly two weeks since I got back to Melbourne, and I'm not feeling any better.

It just seems to be getting harder and harder each time I do this.

Is that even possible?

Shouldn't things get easier with practice, but not the other way round?


Anyhoo, I want to thank those of you sweet sweet gals who took the time to email or send me cute e-cards to cheer me up.

I am fine, just seriously homesick and depressed.

("Homesick" and "depressed" really shouldn't be in the same sentence with "fine", but you get what I mean.)

I'm not sure if a whiny spoilt brat like me deserves so much kindness, but I'm grateful. You girls are such a bunch of darlings! *Hugs*

I'm sorry that I've been rather slow in writing back or answering some of the queries you girls have, I just haven't been up for anything lately.

But I promise I will, as soon as I feel better.

Till then, I hope everyone is well. *Smiles*

Favourite word of the day: Whimsical