Monday, October 17, 2005

Exams and Cocktails

I received the official notification of my Board exam date in mail today.

It’s on a Tuesday, 8 November 2005.

About forty of us will sit for our 2-hour oral exam at different time slots over 3 days, 6-8 November.

The annual Board meeting will then be held on 9 November, which is when all the important people gather round to decide our fate. We will be informed of the results later on the same day.

I requested for my exam to be scheduled on the Tuesday, for the simple reason that I hate the suspense of not knowing and waiting for the outcome.

The plan is to sit for the exam, take a Stilnox, and wake up to face the music the next day.

A cocktail reception will be held on the night of 9 November to celebrate our registration (or not). We’re invited to bring two guests.

I have the cocktail dress and all, I just don’t have a Bee to bring with me. Like what I’ve told him on the phone earlier on, a cute boyfriend is the best accessory a girl can have. Ha!

I don’t think I’ll be attending the cocktail party. I’m thinking of flying to Apple Isle early in the morning, sit the exam, and leave in the evening.

It’s too depressing if I were to stay back after the exam, only to find out the next day that I had failed and had no party to go to.

But then again, the party does sound pretty tempting if we were to all pass the exam and have our heads swelled to twice their original sizes. After years of studying and cramming for exams, we certainly do deserve a soirée thrown in our honour.

And just think of all the free-flowing drinks. *Winks*

“This prestigious event will be attended by representatives from the profession including wholesalers, government, professional organisations, and university who wish to acknowledge and congratulate you on your achievement to date.”

Said the invitation letter.

I need to book my ticket tomorrow.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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