Saturday, October 29, 2005

Not Happy


1. Bee didn't reply my goodnight SMS last night. Until now!
2. Stupid stupid Board exam is making my life all gloomy.
3. Woke up feeling nauseous.
4. It's Derby day at Flemington racecourse and I'm stuck at home.
5. Can't seem to get anything into my head.
6. Don't feel like studying but I have to.
7. Don't Cry by Guns' N' Roses always comes up when I'm feeling most vulnerable and brings a bee-sting like feeling to my heart. (Not the same Bee.)
8. The person (or people) living upstairs has been making hell lotsa noises since early this morning, like there is a hyperactive obese kid jumping around and just won't stop!
9. Did I mention that Bee didn't reply my messages?
10. Evil Board exam.

I wanna roll on bed and wail until Bee comes to cheer me up with ice-cream and cookies.