Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Questions I Ask Myself Too

Two weeks ago, I went out with Wen to look for a dress for a dinner she was invited to.

Going to Chadstone when you can't shop is like being a diabetic in Krispy Creme. It's all about self discipline, which I happen to have very little of. :|

Dinner was at Lygon Street. Somewhere between entrée and our pasta, we started talking about loneliness living in a big city. Like any girl who's been single for quite a while, she was worried that she will end up growing old all alone because the right guy just never seems to come along.

Then she asked me, across the table in that sweet little Italian restaurant, "Why would you leave a perfect boyfriend back home and choose to be here all by yourself? He could be the one having dinner with you right now, you know?"


Another weekend, I met up with Dorothy for a drink in China town. I was complaining about the Board exam and how much stress I'm under. And then I mentioned that I've been considering about going back to Malaysia for good next year.

Then she asked, "Why are you putting yourself through all these troubles since you might not even want to practise in Australia?"


As you probably have already noticed, once again my plan to study had failed miserably. Oh I'm so hating this!

Why, indeed.