Monday, May 07, 2007

I Need A Holiday

At an isolated island, where there is nobody else.

Okay, maybe my Bee. If he promises to behave. :P

I want to sit under the shades of palm trees on a white sand beach, with bare feet and the most comfortable white linen dress.

I want to sip iced cold drinks and eat junk food like nobody's business.

I want a large king size bed with fluffy pillows in my chalet, so I can roll around in it all day long with my Bee.

I want to take long walks at sunset along the beach, then have the finest seafood for dinner at the town nearby.

I want a holiday.

2 left a petal:

freethinker said...

That's everyone's dream..

MisSmall said...

Freethinker: Not an unrealistic one at that.