Friday, May 18, 2007

Lunch Dilemma

My lunch has been rather pathetic ever since I started working.

The fact that I can't leave the premises at all time cuts down the choices significantly. And the fact that I have to get the assistants to go out to buy me lunch makes it even harder.

I'm a boring person, and once I like something, I tend to like it for a very long time. I can order the same thing for lunch everyday for a month and still not sick of it.

But it does get a little embarrassing if I get the girls to buy me the same thing over and over again. And I don't need everyone at work to know that I'm having the same thing for lunch everyday.

Things got even worse after I came to my current work place, because there seriously isn't anything to eat around here.

Wait, that's not true.

We have an Indian restaurant, which I had takeaway from on my first day here. But the strong flavour and aroma doesn't go quite well with my line of work.

We have a Polish bakery, their cakes and rolls are alright but the Asian in me needs to have hot food for lunch.

We have a Spanish takeaway cafe, but for some reason, it's always closed. *Shrugs*

We have a grill restaurant that sells pizzas too, but it only opens for dinner.

And we have a chicken shop around the corner which serves reasonable roast chicken but their bread rolls are the worst I've ever tasted.

Now, what should I have for lunch today?