Monday, June 14, 2010

Queen's Birthday

Marks the last day of the long weekend.

I had a 4-day weekend and it just flew right past me! What's with that?!

I barely got anything done, and I barely feel rested at all despite doing nothing, but the weekend is gone!

Bee and I initially had a day trip to Macedon Ranges planned for today, though we woke up late, got lazy and decided to just stay in to allow ourselves be lazy.

And lazy we were.

I ate, did our laundry, caught up with some of my favourite TV shows, had many snooze breaks and practically did nothing else. But why am I still so tired?!

Weekends are just never long enough, man, even when they are long weekend. :/

I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. *Sighs*

That aside, it's Bee-and-I's monthiversary today.

We met 77 months ago, and we've had our fair share of good days and bad days in between, but baby, you're still the apple of my eye!

Happy monthiversary, bub-bee, I love you!