Saturday, June 05, 2010


It's the first Saturday in a long time that Bee and I do not have to go house hunting.

No more rushing from one open inspection to another like two desperate maniacs, no more liking-what we-cannot-afford and hating-what-we-can-afford, no more feeling defeated like two pathetic losers at the end of each day for going on another round of wild goose chase.

Because we bought a house!

A house that we both love.

And only a few hundred thousand more than our initial budget. :| *Note the sarcasm*

But we are glad.

The search is finally over!

It almost feels like finally finding Mr. Right after years of dating and he proposed too!

Not quite married yet. But engaged, and very much in love.

So we are happy. Overjoyed, actually.

At the same time, relieved. So relieved like you wouldn't believe it!

Today we were supposed to go to a few other auctions that we promised to attend, just to see how things go. Two of which were our back-up plans in case our house (oh I can finally call it that!) didn't come through.

But the weather was too cold and we got lazy.

So we stayed in, cooked, rested, and enjoyed a quiet day of doing absolutely nothing because we feel like deserving of a day off after the long 6 months of searching.

Relaxed, and relieved.