Friday, November 19, 2010


I was supposed to catch up with Sam over afternoon tea today, but I bailed on her last minute 'cause I'm not feeling all that great.

I'm feeling slightly under the weather, extremely lethargic and very phlegmy in the chest.

But the thing that is bugging me the most is my horrible skin condition at the moment.

My skin has been very congested since I got back to Malaysia, but I haven't had time to go get myself a facial while in KL. And over the past few days, it started breaking out like nobody's business!

With a face full of zits and bumps, I'm currently looking like a teenager going through puberty!

And as we all know, we feel what we look like.

(Okay, and the other way round too.)

So yes, I'm feeling rather crappy and, um, yuck.

I feel grossed out just by thinking about all the gunk that's clogging up my pores and building up on my skin, but I probably won't be getting that much-needed facial till I'm back in KL next week.

So I guess I'll be laying low this weekend and try to get some rest. Hopefully both my flu and skin settle down soon. :(

Off I go to take an afternoon nap and start dreaming about having a deep pore cleansing facial. *Sighs*