Sunday, November 28, 2010


After holing up at home for the past 2 days, I finally decided to drag my sorry insomniac self out of bed to have brunch with Bee's parents today.

Our yumcha session at one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in KL, Li Yen at The Ritz-Carlton, was pleasant. Although, I must say, the dim sum wasn't as good as I remembered it to be.

Has there been a drop in standards, or was it just due to my lack of sleep and aching body? *Shrugs*

On the way home, Bee and I detoured for a little impromptu shopping trip.

Impromptu, but fruitful.

In less than an hour, I managed to snap up not one, but two gorgeous jade bangles!

One of a lustrous dark green and the size is a perfect fit for my wrist, and the other one of a much lighter translucent green which is slightly loose on me.

I couldn't choose between the two, so I decided to get both of them after I was offered a hefty discount.

Bee called them my "cheap thrills" when he saw me playing with them in the car like a kid with her lollies.

Well, but of course.

His mum was just telling us earlier on today that she might need an extra safety deposit box at the bank for her jewellery collection. A third one, that is.

I'm sure these bangles are cheap as chips compared to the content of those safety deposit boxes, but hey, at least I don't have to live in the constant fear of breaking or cracking something while wearing a small car on my wrist.

I'm sure Mr. Big-Shot won't find it as amusing when he has to start funding my very own safety deposit box.

But for now, I'm having two giant fat-laden pork dumplings for dinner, so I'm happy with my "cheap thrills".

For now.