Saturday, December 04, 2010


Hola! Greetings from 10,000 feet above! :)

I'm typing this entry from the plane, Bee and I are on our way back to Melbourne.

It's been a crazy morning. Frantic last minute packing, a mad rush to the airport, lengthy check-in process especially with our (read: Bee's) oversized and overweight baggages, and long queues at every single check point!

We were in such a rush that by the time we finished checking in, I heard final boarding calls for our flight being announced. We didn't even have time to sit down for a cuppa with Bee's parents before having to make another mad dash for the boarding gate. :(

The plane took a long time to take off though due to the weather condition, and once it was in the air, experienced a few minor turbulences. Bee and I were getting a bit cranky because lunch was delayed and we were starving! Haha. We can be very grumpy people when we are hungry.

But lunch has just been served and we are happy passengers now. :)

I think I might take half a tablet of Stilnox to try to relax and maybe get some sleep out of it.

I don't have fear for flying, but I really do hate flying during the day, especially any flights longer than 2 hours.

Personally, flying during the day feels so, um, chaotic.

It's bright in the cabin, so you become more aware that you're stuck in a confined space with a few hundred other strangers. It's kinda stressful when people are constantly talking and moving around you, no?

I find night flights so much more tolerable and, well, peaceful? The cabin lights are dimmed, most passengers go to sleep quietly, and it feels like you have so much more privacy to yourself. Besides, there's much to be said about the serenity to look out the window and feel so close to the stars.

Okay, enough rambling. My laptop's battery is running low, so I'm off to try to get some sleep.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we won't be given a hard time at the custom. Wouldn't want to end up as one of those dodgy Asians on Border Security. Haha.

Have a good weekend.