Wednesday, December 08, 2010


My first day back to work.

And I'm already hating it. *Sighs*

Thanks to the heavy rain and gloomy weather, we weren't that busy today, which helped a little in easing me back to the routine.

Then again, I had so much mess to clean up that I didn't even have a free moment to stop and talk or catch up with the staff. Yeap that is how busy I was!

My very unorganised boss (who's been doing most of my shifts himself) and the occasional locums left behind such a mess that I feel like I'm being punished for taking time off. Seriously, what's the point of having a holiday when all your workload is just going to accumulate till you're back?!

For the 5 weeks I was gone, work has been piling up, nothing has been documented properly, no paperwork has been filed accordingly, there is shit lying everywhere so I have to play guessing game while trying to sort them out, some patients got really upset with the staff and now I have to put up with their complaints.

Why can't people just do their job properly and orderly to make other people's lives easier? Why can't people be efficient and effective so others don't have to constantly clean up after you? We all get paid to do our jobs, no?! Ugh!

Anyhoo. *Takes deep breaths*

The tradesman started the job on our roof today as well. And apparently, he found TWO small leaks, instead of just the one that we already knew of.

(The good news just keep on coming huh?)

So he did some work to patch up the original leak we found yesterday, and put a temporarily fix on the newfound leak point for now, till he can go buy more materials to patch it up properly.

According to him, he suspects it's an existing problem even before we took over the house, which the building surveyor/consultant should have spotted during the pre-purchase building inspection and warned us about it.

Well, he didn't.

And just our luck, I guess. *Shrugs*

(The real reason why Bee and I always have such bad luck when it comes to things like these is honestly beyond me.)

To think on the brighter side, maybe we should be glad that at least we caught on the problems before it's too late and repair work can still be done to restore both the roof and ceiling back to their original condition.

Well, here is hoping. :|

For now, I'm absolutely exhausted from my first day back to work and I think I should call it a night.

So goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! :)