Saturday, December 25, 2010


Bee and I had a quiet Christmas this year.

It was our first Christmas in our new house, but we decided to keep it really simple and low-key.

No celebration what-so-ever.

We still don't have most of our new furnitures yet, so we didn't really bother putting up any Christmas decorations as well.

No turkey or ham, no pudding or eggnog, no Christmas lights or candles, no mistletoe or ornaments, just us.

And we wouldn't want to have it any other way. For this year

We got up really late on Christmas morning and had a quick simple breakfast. Him with his cold milk and cereals, me with my hot tea and fruit cake slices.

In the afternoon, my husband fell asleep in the lounge while watching anime on his 58-inch 3D full HD TV while I took a beauty nap in the room on my lavender scented bed sheets.

At night, I used our kitchen for the first time since we moved in nearly 5 months ago to cook my secret recipe congee for dinner. It made my husband a very happy camper, we have been living on takeouts and eating out all these while.

Santa didn't bring us any gifts this year because we didn't bother putting up a Christmas tree or even Christmas stockings, but that's okay, we haven't exactly been on our best behaviours this year either. :p

Here's hoping that, next time this year, our home will be more festive with Christmas spirits once the house is properly done up and fully furnished.

And I'll be sure to leave out a treat for the red suited man himself. Milk and cookies are his favourite, I heard? What about some macarons? You think? :)

Well, till then, here's wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas, darlings.