Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

I didn't plan on going shopping today.

Boxing Day sales is so overrated these days since the stores are constantly having sales all year round and more often than not, with even greater discount.

It was also partly due to the fact that I've been feeling defeated and disgusted with myself ever since I couldn't pull up the Guess skinny jeans in size 24 past my thighs.

Mainly, I was just lazy and couldn't be bothered.

But Bee dragged me out of bed at 10am because he thinks we seriously need a new set of sofa. I refused at first, but relented later because of his enthusiasm.

We wanted to steer clear of the CBD and shopping centers to avoid the massive crowd, so we headed to an interior shop in Richmond that stocks the range of sofa we are after. Unfortunately we did not see anything we like in the shop and they can't check the stock status till their factory re-opens in January.

I'm still not sure how to justify spending nearly $10k on a 2.5 seater plus a chaise, but I guess we'll see.

We did, however, come across the most expensive sofa bed in Australia, or so the sales assistant claimed, and it was on sale! Too bad it wasn't in a material that I would fancy. I was tempted for a few minutes whether or not to get it just for the massive discount though.

Went to look at a few cheaper alternatives, but nothing really caught our eyes and I was beginning to feel cranky again, so I demanded to go home when it started to rain.

I've seriously gotta find a way to fix my constant lethargy soon. There has to be an explanation for this! I'm starting to believe that I might have chronic fatigue syndrome. :|

Truthfully, I'm more inclined to believe that these symptoms are due to a relapse of my depression, though I refuse to accept the fact that I have the capability to be depressed even when I have nothing to be depressed about! I simply will NOT! *Sighs*

Maybe it's easier to believe that I'm just a grumpy slacker and procrastinator in nature. *Shrugs*

I took a nap when we got home, had something to eat, and felt slightly better after.

In the evening, Bee's uncle sent over a large portion of leftover ham and turkey, which left us feeling a tremendous amount of guilt for lying to get out of Christmas lunch. Good thing it only lasted long enough till we tasted how delicious the food was. :p

I hope you scored a good bargain today. I've enjoyed (and envious) reading about everyone else's haul.

If not, it's never too late to start. Saks Fifth Avenue and Net-A-Porter are both having their online end-of-season sales. If you do not feel the need to refrain to save up for overpriced furnitures, that is.

Happy shopping, girls!