Thursday, December 09, 2010


My second day back to work.

And a flat out busy one too.

I was on my feet for 10 hours straight, and literally, did not have a free moment for a break.

Weird thing is, despite how busy I was, time still went by really really slowly! Maybe my body is still adjusting to having to work, instead of just lying around being a lazy bum all day.

The weather today didn't really help as well. It was so hot and humid that for a moment, I thought I was back in Malaysia again. :|

By the time I finished for the day, I was absolutely exhausted, but in great spirit nonetheless, because my weekend starts on Thursday night!

I guess that's the only good thing about my current job - I'm usually only rostered to work 4 days a week and alternate Sundays, so I have a long weekend every other week. And I can choose to give away my Sunday shifts anytime I want. For a full time position, it really doesn't get any better than that.

I'm getting increasingly lazy these days that I seriously don't think I can ever go back to working 7 days a week like how I used to. Then again, never say never huh?

On a different note, the tradie has patched up both the leaks in our roof today. Well, so he claimed.

Now, we have to wait a couple of days for the moisture absorbed by the plasterboards to dry up more before he can assess the level of damage caused to the ceiling and determine how many of the plasterboard needs to be replaced.

For the time being, he's cleaning up our gutters. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he would do a proper job, and hopefully, clean the downspouts too.

Knowing how he likes to cut corners, we are not getting our hopes up about him being bothered to cut back any overhanging tree branches to reduce the need of future gutter cleaning or cleaning the debris from the roof. According to him, our roof looks like it was thoroughly cleaned just a few months ago, most probably by the previous owner prior to selling, so I guess it's not crucial at the moment. *Touches wood*

He's charging us an extra $300 for cleaning the gutters and another $350 for installing the gutter guard, which is ridiculous because we know of companies that would charge much less than that for a far more extensive job, but we really can't be fussed with sourcing another person to do the job.

Owning your own house is undeniably a great joy, but at the same time, there is also so much to do and so much to learn. Then again, I guess that's all part and parcel of adulthood huh?

Planned on going out for dinner with Bee to "celebrate" my first week (the whole 2 days of it) back to work, but decided to get takeaways instead because I couldn't be bothered to dress up. And my feet are hurting from a long day of work, I don't think they will be happy to be stuffed into a pair of stilettos anytime soon.

Though physically I don't feel the slightest bit more rested or more energetic after 5 weeks of bumming around and not lifting a finger, but today I did notice the difference the much-needed holiday made to my emotional resilience.

I'm so much less cranky, and more patient towards the patients. (Yes, pun intended.)

It would be interesting to see how long the effect would last huh? In my experience, not for long. Afterall, patience is not a virtue I have been blessed with.

Anyway, time to pour myself a glass of wine, change into my pjs, and enjoy the beginning of my long weekend.