Monday, December 20, 2010


Over the weekend, we received some heavy rain here in Melbourne.

Especially the storm last night.

And my slightly-paranoid husband seemed to have found more leaks on our roof. Last night, as he was prancing in the family room, he noticed a wet patch in a corner, about the size of a 50cent coin on the carpet.

But of course, he withheld this information from his slightly-neurotic wife so she wouldn't obsess and lose sleep over it.

Today, he called the tradesman and asked him to come over while I was at work.

The tradie had another look on the roof. Apparently, there are a few cracks on some of the roof tiles, probably results of the heavy rain and strong wind.

He can't be sure whether the cracks are new or old or how long they've been there, but he quoted us another ridiculous amount to fix the problem, which Bee rejected. We have a feeling that this guy is just getting too comfortable of taking us for a ride in his price hiking trip, and we're done being suckers!

So Bee called a French tradesman who his uncle often uses, and made an appointment for him to come over tomorrow. Here is hoping that this guy has more reasonable pricing and doesn't just see us as a target to rip off because we looked young and inexperienced.

I know it's good for the drought and all, but the amount of rain we have been getting this summer has really been quite troublesome. A few other friends are having similar problems with their properties, and tradesmen are more fully booked than Michelin Star restaurants these days!

I love rain, but not when it's causing my roof to leak and draining money out from my (read: Bee's) bank account.

It really gives a whole new meaning to the saying "saving for rainy days" huh?