Wednesday, November 17, 2010


At the age of 30, where else would you be spoiled like a little princess who doesn't have to lift a finger?

At home.

At your parents' home.

Where there is a jar of double-boiled soup waiting for you on the table every morning before you even wake up.

Where your personal chef, aka your mum, would prepare your favourite food everyday, though she's never much of a cook. Haha.

Where your dad takes the time to make you a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice every day, no matter how busy he is.

Where your brother volunteers as your private chauffeur to drive you wherever you want to go, and brings home all kinds of snacks to cheer you up.

Where you feel completely entitled and worthy of all the love and pampering you are showered with.

No strings attached. No hidden agendas. Just family.

Where I will always be taken care of like a little girl.

Where I can be a 5-year old all over again.

At home.