Sunday, May 27, 2007

Little Happy Things

When you're working 7 days a week and have no time to shop (and hence the lack of retail therapy), you gotta seek comfort else where.

Small things in life that made me happy lately:

  • A working heater.
  • The privacy of my own room.
  • Learning to use Bittorent. (Shh, don't tell anyone!)
  • A nap on Saturday afternoon when I only work half day.
  • A nice patient who calls me by my name now.
  • A thank-you from random customers.
  • Toiletries bought at work.
  • A nice movie.
  • No cars when I need to cross the road.
  • The train comes on time.
  • Sweet messages from Bee.
  • A box of Cheezels and a bottle of Coke.
  • Being able to have lunch without getting interrupted.
  • Having an umbrella on a rainy day.
  • A cup of hot tea at work.
  • Etc etc.
It doesn't take much to be happy in life. It only depends on how much you need.

2 left a petal:

Dancing Queen said...

Sometimes the simpler things in life are the ones that make our day! Have a nice day! :D

MisSmall said...

Dancing Queen: No one hits jackpot on a daily basis, so one's gotta make do with small things in life. :)