Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Everywhere and everything is on sale, and I'm not out shopping.

It feels a little weird, but I guess I just can't be bothered.

Last year, Wen and I went to line up outside Myers at 6 o'clock in the morning. And that was after a mere 2 hours of sleep! We had gone to a friend's dinner party the night before and stayed till 3am.

Lack of rest, we were too beat to shop, but still ended up buying just for the sake of buying. I bought most stuff that weren't on sale anyway. >_<

After shopping, we went to karaoke with a bunch of friends for another 5 hours and nearly fell asleep on the table at dinner. Haha.

It was heaps of fun though! To be spontaneous and compulsive.

That was my mentality last year. I thought I was leaving Oz for good, so I had to gather enough silly and crazy experiences to pack into my suitcases as memories of my life in Melbourne.

Well, I'm still considering leaving Melbourne for good in the near future, but this year, working 7 days a week has taken a toll on me.

Sad, really.

Oh well, there's always the stocktake sale in January to look forward to huh?

All is not lost, baby. :)

2 left a petal:

Kitty Pryde said...

hi miss small.

i found ur blog while looking for an apt description of the chanel 2.55.

i found it.

i also found the most beautiful and breathtaking love story unfolding on this blog.

so yeah, even if your Bee is a silly bf who doesn't know how to cheer his upset gf up... just remember how you felt on your 1st "non-date".

i met my own hubby almost the way u did with ur Bee. and there have been times when he's just a stupid man who doesn't know how to cheer me up.

but he's also been the man who stayed up with me into the wee hours of the morning holding my hand and comforting me while i was going through contractions.

enjoy your love story.

i hope it never ends.


MisSmall said...

Kitty Pryde: Awww, thanks darl! I abandoned my blog for nearly 6 months only to come back to find such a sweet comment.

Thanks for liking our story and the encouraging words. Hope to have you back again. :)