Monday, December 03, 2007

Spending Ban

I'm on a self-imposed spending ban.

No shopping. No shopping. No shopping.

Now how do I drum that into my head?

The thing is, the more you can't shop, the more you wanna shop. Um, I mean, me.

It's an addiction, really.

The very sweet boyfriend suggested, "Why don't I buy you a nice Christmas present, then at least it will make you feel a bit better?"

Aww, isn't he the best? *Muacks!*

Thanks, Bee, for being ever so supportive with everything I do. Even the silly ones. :)

I love you!

3 left a petal:

keeyit said...

wah so lucky to have such a caring and nice bf..


She's Jess said...

Girls are girls. I am TRYING to stop myself fr shopping too :p

And oh... very sweet boyfriend there

MisSmall said...

Keeyit: Yeah, he can be pretty sweet sometimes, when he wants to be. Haha!

She's Jess: I've come to realise that it doesn't work. The more you refrain yourself, the more you wanna shop. Or is it just me?