Friday, December 07, 2007

Pissed Off

Today, a nun pissed me off.

No, I'm NOT kidding.

She actually made me cry. Not in front of her, of course.

I've never cried at work.

Wait, that's not true, I have cried at work. So let me rephrase that, I Very VERY rarely cry at work.

But today, the nun pushed all the buttons there are to be pushed, and I was simply too angry to hold back the tears when she rang up to verbally abuse me for the FIFTH time for something that wasn't even my fault.

That's the thing about being a manager though, you take shit from all ends. From admin who's above you, from staff who's beneath you, and from customers/patients who can be meaner than your wildest imagination.

Being a manager, you can never win. That's my take.

So clench your fist, bite your tongue, and get over it already!

Edit: Bee's is so cute! He just messaged me to remind me not to eat chocolates as comfort food. Lol. How did he know? *Hides secret chocolate stash*

Re-Edit: I take that back. He's an idiot! Who doesn't know how to cheer a pissed-off gf up.

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MissBelle said...

You're a really angry manager :P
I wonder if my manager feels the same.

MisSmall said...

MissBelle: Haha, I sure am. And trust me, most managers are angry. :P