Wednesday, December 05, 2007

J'Adore by Christian Dior

Today I fell in love with J'Adore all over again.

I guess you need the right timing to find the right perfume too.

The floral fragrance was described as "sparkling, fresh, dazzling feminity". It's an opulent fruity floral bouquet containing Tangy Mandarin, Ivy Leaves, Champaca Flower, Red Orchids, White Roses, Violets, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood and Blackberry Musk.

I think I've just found my new scent for this summer.

2 left a petal:

Jemima said...

J'Adore forever!!! :)

MisSmall said...

Jemima: Yeah, it's truly a scent that will never go out of style, isn't it? :)