Saturday, July 17, 2010


I went coat shopping today.

But not without stopping at Laurent first for my fix of beef burgundy pie and mocha with extra chocolate.

My head was all groggy from the pain killer + muscle relaxant I took earlier on in the morning for my headache, so I was in desperate need for some caffeine to wake my brain up.

For someone who doesn't even drink coffee, I sure have been drinking a lot of mocha lately.

I blame it on stress from work. Can you blame me? :|

The coat shopping process was quick and painless, for once.

I waltzed into Arthur Galan, put on the first coat the friendly shop assistant handed to me, and that was it!

To be honest, I wasn't really that fond of the strong shoulder pads, which in my opinion, looked a little too overwhelming on my petite frame.

But as all the shop assistants (including the store manager) stopped and went oohing and awing over how gorgeous the coat looked on me, so being the sucker for good customer service (and compliments, genuine or not) that I am, I felt compelled to whip out my credit card and bought the coat.

I even considered buying the same coat in 2 different colours!

Considered, I said.

As we speak, my black AG column coat in size 6 is being flown in from Sydney, and I'm contemplating on buying the same coat in the beautifully striking blue as well when I go back to pick it up next weekend.

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for blue, and this is a gorgeous shade of cobalt blue!

Oh well, I guess I'll sleep on it till next weekend. :p

Wen and I met up with a couple of friends for dinner in Box Hill and caught up over the usual sinful greasy Chinese food.

The place was jam packed tonight, and I hate it when we have to yell at the top of our lungs in a restaurant just to have a conversation. It's so tiring and, well, unnecessary!

I guess I'm gonna hit the sack and call it a day.

More shopping tomorrow!

I need a white/beige trench coat. *Grins*