Sunday, July 18, 2010


I bailed on shopping and lunch with girlies today because it was too cold out and it started raining a little when I woke up.

So I decided to stay in and have a quiet Sunday to unwind before yet another dreadful week at work.

I basically stayed in bed most of the day, all wrapped up in my Garfield blanket and attached to my laptop because it was such a COLD day!

Which was kinda weird because my room always manages to stay warm even on the coldest days of winter.

I thought I was coming down with a flu again, especially given how stressed out I have been lately.

In the evening, when I finally couldn't stand it anymore and decided to check n the heater, I discovered the culprit that had caused the coldness all day.

My heater hasn't been working!

I don't know when, and I don't know how, but it just stopped working!

To say the least, I panicked!

To have your heater giving up on you in the middle of winter?! It's almost like a practical joke that is so NOT funny!

Good thing I have a really sweet girlfriend who came to my rescue immediately after I sent her a SOS message.

Wen came to pick me up and we rushed out to the nearest K-mart (because it was the only shop that was still open at that hour!) to buy a replacement heater out of the very limited selection of heater the store has.

We then came back to my apartment to plug in the heater first before going out to dinner so the room would be at least warm(er) by the time I need to sleep.

Guess what? It wasn't!

After our dinner at yet another Asian restaurant that we have to yell just to talk (you know how it is), I came back to a room that was still cold!

The new heater is nothing like the old one that I had. *Inserts sad face*

And this is precisely why I need to buy everything in 2's! (I hope my husband is reading this.)

If something works/fits, you buy a backup! Isn't that like the cardinal rule of shopping?!

Hmm, maybe this is a sign that I should go back and buy the Arthur Galan coat in blue. Ha!

Alright, people, I shall go sit on my new heater for now before the cold weather freezes my ass off. :|

Stay warm!