Monday, July 05, 2010


I called in sick today.

My earache has become worse, and I was afraid my ears are going to start bleeding from listening to another day of TM's nagging and whinging in that whiny voice of hers.

I google'd "whiny voice" and came across definition of Megan's voice on urban dictionary.

Spot on! Especially the part about how it sounds like "a dog whistle for humans".

It's bad enough that my job requires me to listen to sick people whinging about being sick, now I have to endure this uneducated ignorant moron's nagging all day long?!

If she could actually understand English, maybe there is still a very slim chance for her to grasp the concept that an assistant's job is to ASSIST, to make things easier, not to annoy everyone around her with excessive non-relevant talking.

But unfortunately for all of us, she's one of those stubborn bitch who will never realise there's anything wrong with her.

And with the earache and congestion I'm experiencing at the moment, I simply do not have the capacity to deal with her.

So I called in sick.

Going to make myself a cup of hot honey lemon and enjoy a quiet peaceful Monday.

Till later.