Sunday, July 11, 2010


The annoying people in my life are pushing me into becoming an addict.

My very annoying colleagues on weekdays, then my very annoying housemate plus her even more annoying boyfriend on weekends.

To make the matter worse, the timeline often overlaps too.

It's my fault, I know. I let things and people get to me too much.

Or rather, get me down too much.

And the truth is, I'm still sick.

But I have to pretend not to be so I can do my job that requires me to look after other sick people.

Or I have to pretend to be strong so people who love me wouldn't worry.

Or I have to pretend to be okay so people do not see it as a sign of weakness.

So for as long as I still have to pretend, I need help to stay calm.

I need help to distract myself from anger and annoyance.

I need help to escape.

And my helpers come in the form of little tablets with various shapes and colours.