Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wen and I went shoe shopping today.

I spent the whole day convincing her into buying a pair of black peep-toe leather heels.

And even though I'm still on a self-imposed spending ban from buying more shoes, I couldn't help but cheated with a pair of black satin peep-toe pumps.

Just the one pair, and it was on sale, so technically, it didn't count. :p

I actually really liked the same style in white satin, but they are sold out in my size across Melbourne, so I bought the black instead.

The fruitful shoe shopping trip was followed by dinner with 10 other friends at Nobu, in hope to get a glimpse of Robert de Niro.

Bobby was a no show tonight, but Wen and I both got to wear our new dresses (my new Country Road silk dress has been sitting in the closet for months and I think it was starting to feel neglected) and our brand new heels fresh out of the box, so we are happy.

Dinner was great. The food and service was good as usual, but the company was even better.

I haven't seen some of the friends for ages, and it was so good to finally catch up again. Everyone had too much to eat and drink, and laughed way too much and too loud.

All in all, it was a fun day + night out, not forgetting the 2-hour long girls talk Wen and I had after the dinner to, well, debrief.

I came home with a massive headache, thanks to the champagne mojito, but I can't wait till we do it again!

Edit:Turned out, we missed Robert de Niro by half a day because he showed up the next day!

2 left a petal:

reanaclaire said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend you had! Have a great week ahead!

MisSmall said...

Reanaclaire: It really was. But the week leading up to the great weekend, not so great. :|