Saturday, March 13, 2010


I had heaps of fun hanging out with the girls last night.

We went out for dinner and drinks, before re-adjourning back to Bridget's place to talk and laugh into wee hours of the night.

That's the thing about childhood friends - no matter how far you are apart and how long you have lost touch, the familiar bond is never lost.

You might be leading different lives and playing different roles now, you might be living in different countries and in different stages of your lives, but it's is so easy, almost effortless dare I say, to reconnect with each other again.

And sometimes, it's almost scary when it feels as if they know you better than you know yourself, because they remember the person you once were before the harsh cold reality of life gets to you and gets you down.

For a brief moment, you remember those young and carefree days.

For a brief moment, you remember the person you once were and have forgotten all about.

For a brief moment, you remember that life can actually be as simple and as uncomplicated as how it used to be.

Old friends are like a favourite old coat, always comfortable, always warm, and always good to be reunited, especially when it's cold.