Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Despite the fact that I can no longer fit into some of my skinniest skinny jeans, I've decided to indulge myself with some of my favourite local food anyway.

And they aren't exactly the healthiest food around, to say the least.

But hey, what are holidays for huh? :p

Whenever Bee shoots me with that judgemental look of his, I'd pout and say, "But, it's my holiday! I'm entitled to enjoy and spoil myself on my holiday, no?"

He says I have an excuse for everything.

The truth is, I do.

*Evil laughs*

When I work, I say, "I'm stressed. I need comfort food!"

When I'm off work, I say, "I worked hard, so I deserved a treat."

When I'm happy, I say, "I'm celebrating!"

When I'm sad, I say, "I need to cheer myself up."


In the past few days, I've had 8 gigantic bak-changs (Chinese rice dumpling with pork), many many serves of maggie goreng ayam with extra fried chicken plus teh tarik ais, and many of that chicken floss sponge roll thingy from Bread Story.

And they are just my snacks, ladies.

Those bak-changs headed straight for my waist and thighs, I'm telling ya!

I gained 3kgs in less than a week! @_@

I comfort myself by thinking that it might be water retention due to PMS.

Or that I can try to lose those extra kilos when I get back to Melbourne.


Indulgence comes with a price.

And my price tag is reading "muffin top".