Sunday, March 07, 2010


Bee and I decided to stay in and be lazy this weekend.

(Then again, what is new huh? Haha.)

We really shouldn't though.

We have a long list of things-to-do. Things to eat, things to see, things to decide on, things to submit, and of course, things to buy.

Both "official", and "unofficial". You get the idea.

Also, we have been missing some of our favourite restaurants and the shopping scene in KL for the past few months. I need to eat my heart out and shop till I drop!! *Shakes fists*

Most urgently, we really really need to do some grocery shopping because the maid was asked to clean out the whole fridge and pantry before we came back, so now there's no food left in the house.

I'm not kidding. There isn't a pack of emergency biscuits or instant noodles left in my kitchen. :|

But Bee and I seriously dread having to brace the crazy crowds in shopping centers on weekends.

I get a headache just from thinking about the noises, the people, the queues, and the amount of time one has to spend circling the carpark looking for a spot.

So, after much contemplation (ha!), we decided to give in to our lazy selves and stay in bed to be two happy slackers.

After all, this is the first weekend in a long time that I feel this relaxed and stress-free.

Plus, I'm still jetlagged.

Oh the excuses I can come up with. *Grins*

Tangled unwashed hair. Bee's oversized shirt. Greasy takeaway food. Favourite TV shows. Lots of cuddles and laughters.

And that's our very un-glam but homey first weekend back in KL.