Thursday, March 04, 2010


Bee and I arrived in KL early this morning.

His parents picked us up from the airport, and took us to a quick breakfast before sending us back to our place.

Bee and I would normally plonk ourselves on the bed and snooze off to dreamland straight away, but today, we were too excited to.

We were both terribly tired from the awful flight, which was probably one of the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on, but for some strange reasons, we were simply too hyper to sleep.

It's a really weird feeling.

To be honest, I dreaded this trip to start with.

As a creature of habit, I dreaded breaking away from the routine in Melbourne that I'm just starting to get used to. I dreaded the long list of things-to-do on this trip. I dreaded the hot and humid weather in Malaysia. I dreaded pulling myself out from my comfort zone. I dreaded the emotional roller coaster when we have to leave friends and family once again at the end of the trip.

I honestly thought I wouldn't enjoy this trip one bit.

But as usual, all those bad feelings went out of the window the moment our plane landed and we stepped out to breath the familiar (polluted) air of our homeland.

The sense of belonging was especially intensified when we got back to our own house, where we are free to do whatever and whenever we want because it's just us and no one else.

In more ways than one, Bee feels the same.

Before we came back, he was excitedly planning all the things (read: his beloved toys) that he wanted to bring back to Melbourne since he's slowly taking liking to the city and planning on calling it home for the next few years.

But merely a few hours after he came back to his original playground, from the way he is now pacing around the house like a proud king screening his castle, I can tell that his new beliefs are being shaken to the core, and my dear husband is, once again, doubting if he can ever love another city the way he loves this place.

There goes months of effort and brainwashing by yours truly. *Sighs*

Well, I guess that's the thing about home.

No matter how many bad things you have to say about it and how long you have been away, it will always be where your heart is.

There is no place like home.